Each Netco crew is led by an experienced foreman, whose job is to make sure the job is done correctly,
efficiently, and that the demands of your particular court are met.  In under a day, Netco will transform
your court into the playing surface you have always wanted.  You won't believe your eyes, and you can
continually count on Netco for the repair and maintenance of your tennis court for years.    
Let Netco help!
Since 1952, Netco has been in operation repairing,  resurfacing, and constructing clay and
Har-Tru tennis courts.  As well as yearly maintenance, Netco will repair any clay or Har-Tru
court.  Wether you are in need of new tapes, netposts, nets, windscreens, and even a full court
fence,  Netco is your best choice to bring your court back to a professional playing condition.
Repair and Maintenance
Believe it or not..................

This is a Tennis court!  There is no
surface that we cannot repair and bring
back to life.  With advanced techniques,
tools, dedicated crews, and professional
quality materials, you can be sure that you
are getting the lowest cost, quality
maintenance  that your clay or Har-Tru
tennis court needs.